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Her er hvordan man kan slippe af hovedpine om fem minutter uden at bruge piller.

Har du et problem med lejlighedsvis hovedpine? De fleste af os gør. Og lære at slippe af med hovedpine er noget, vi alle vil vide.
Sidder lange timer foran computeren, har en stressende dag og andre udløsere kan føre os til denne ubehagelige tilstand.
Nogle gange virker selv medicin ikke for at reducere den smerte, vi kan opleve i forskellige områder af vores hoved.
I disse tilfælde kan du prøve nogle af de teknikker, som østmedicin tilbyder.
Du kan bruge dem som et alternativ, når medicin ikke virker, eller du kan simpelthen prøve dem selv inden du får medicinen, fordi de er fuldstændig harmløse og tager kun fem minutter.
Prøve nogle af disse teknikker til, hvordan at slippe af med en hovedpine? Glem ikke at dele og gemme!






Do you have a problem with an occasional headache? Most of us do. And learning how to get rid of a headache is something we all want to know.
Sitting long hours in front of the computer, having a stressful day and other triggers can lead us to this unpleasant condition.
Sometimes even medicines don’t work in reducing the pain we can experience in different areas of our head.In these cases, you might try some of the techniques that Eastern medicine
You can use them as an alternative when medicines don’t work or you can simply try them even before getting the medicine because they are completely harmless and take only five

YinTang Point – spot in the middle of the forehead



Gently press against this spot using your middle and index fingers for up to 30 seconds. If the pain is persistent wait for 5 minutes and then repeat for one more minute.
Zan Zhu Points – spots on the inside of your eyebrows.


Use your thumbs to gently massage this two point as presented in the picture below.



YingXiang Points – spots near the outside of your lips, halfway up to your nostrils. These spots are pretty unique but they help with how to get rid of a headache.



Massage these spots with any finger and you can reduce stress headaches, opens your sinuses, and relieves tension.



Tian Zhu Points – spots by most people’s hairline.



Massaging this spots is useful against the pain in that area but also can help with insomnia, stress, and neck pain.

Shuai Gu Points – spots about an inch above the top of your ear.


Massage using your index fingers and thumb and it’ll help you reduce eye fatigue, reduce cravings, and help with vertigo.



He Gu Points – spots in the webbing of your skin between your thumb and index finger.



This spot is useful for neck and back pains, as well as migraines. Ball your fist for 20 seconds and then squeeze gently the spot as the photo shows.


Sacral Points –  points on your lower back.




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Thank you. Info and image credit:
By Ksenia